Aspiration and Mission

``hi! food`` aims consistently have been about high quality of production, easy and regular accessibility, convincing people's tastes, and progress towards healthy and determined nutrition.


``hi! food`` considers its merit and success, the effort to empathize and progress of organizational attitude among all company members due to value creation for the customer.


``hi! food`` believes in expansion as the fundamental policy of the organization. Due to the sustainable development of the organization, today's trainees become tomorrow's managers.


Due to achieving company aspiration, ``hi! food`` is eagerly looking forward to science-based consulting, experience, and innovation, especially via co-workers and consultants.


``hi! food`` evaluates its success via its brand value, market share, employee satisfaction, and annual profit.

Our History

“hi! food” bran is the result of the efforts of three generations of the Meysamifard family in the field of wheat, flour, and bread.

  • 1

    Planting and Harvesting

    ``hi! food`` was born in the golden wheat fields of Dasht-e Abbas, Khuzestan, and began its work with planting and harvesting wheat spikes.

  • 2

    from Wheat to Flour

    ``hi! food`` in the midway got closer to your tables with making wheat into flour, from southern factories in Ahvaz, Sina in Hamadan, and Albors in Karaj.

  • 3

    Bread Production

    ``hi! food`` finally could produce healthy and complete bread using high-quality raw materials and modern technology in Tehran, and at the end of his long journey from the wheat field could be the guest of your tables.

The advantage of ``hi! food`` bread

After nearly five years of research and development, ``hi! food`` has succeeded in producing high-bran and baking soda-free lavash via indirect heat cooking technology. ``hi! food`` has brought back this favorite bread to our tables with enriching flour, eliminating the problems of traditional lavash, controlling salt and water consumption, and choosing the best yeast.


``hi! food`` lavash bread is produced with enriched flour and preserved bran, high quality of water consumption, the best yeast, with no harmful additives such as salt and baking soda. The production is under the license from the Dutch company Integrated Bakery and the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration and National Institute of Production Standard. ``hi! food`` bread also is produced using indirect cooking technology. Nutritionists believe that indirect cooking technology prevents the formation of acrylamide and various types of cancer.